About Markfield Park

Map of Markfield Park

Markfield Park was first created as a park in 1929. It is nearly 20 acres in size and has a range of facilities for the local community including two playgrounds, two sports courts, an outdoor gym, a BMX/skate park, a café and toilets. It is managed by Haringey Council but the friends campaign for improvements and enhancements to the facilities.

Part of the park is on the site of the former Victorian sewage works that remained operational until the 1950s. The thick walls you see in the park are part of the old sewage filter beds and the Beam Engine Museum in the park celebrates this aspect of the park’s heritage.

In 2010 nearly £4m of Heritage Lottery funding was invested in the park. This funded the construction of a new café and toilets, a playground, the restored beam engine and museum building and general landscape improvements throughout the park. Since then, however, there has been relatively little investment by the council, although the outdoor gym and a new sports courts in the park were both completed in 2019.

The park is also home to the Markfield Project, a community centre which provides services and promotes the rights, independence, choice and inclusion for disabled people and their families.